Power BI Vs SSRS

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After the general comparison we've just seen, we can dive deeper and conduct a point-wise comparison between Power BI and SSRS in light of some key elements.

1. Technology

Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI is a cutting-edge business intelligence technology that can be used for managing information and making reports. It's a user-friendly application with simple-to-use capabilities to assist in publishing, creating or sharing report.

SSRS: SSRS is SQL Server Reporting Service which is also a product of Microsoft. It is a standard server-based, report-generating as well as data analytics software.

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2. History

power BI is a brand new technology when compared to SSRS. The report server for Power BI is referred to by the name The Power BI Report Server, introduced in 2017.

SSRS This SQL Server Reporting Service was commercially launched in 2004.

3. Benefits

Power BI A user-friendly and simple tool for creating reports and data analysis. It's rich in graphic capabilities.

SSRS: SSRS is not a lot to offer in graphics. It does, however, have an excellent drill-down capability.

4. Implementation

The Power BI The Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) can be used to create reports, publishing and sharing and dashboards that are cloud-based and servers-based platforms.

SSRS: SSRS creates and shares only server-based reports.

5. Accessibility

Power BI: It is possible to connect to Power BI software on three different platforms: web smartphones (apps) and desktops.

SSRS The user can access SSRS both on the web and desktops.

6. Licensing

 Power BI: The first Version of Power BI and Power BI Report Server is available at no cost. However, if you want to upgrade to premium, you'll need to buy a license. Premium versions include an access point, security, collaboration, and so on.

SSRS For you to make use of SSRS it is essential to purchase an SQL Server license.

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