What are the best programming and Scripting Languages for DevOps Engineers?

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A mixture that combines development (Dev) as well as operations (Ops), DevOps is the combination of process, people and technology in order to deliver the best value to customers.

If your language of choice isn't listed, this doesn't mean it's not the most popular choice. DevOps can be defined as a phrase used to describe a process of methodological development that IT departments follow. This implies that it's not a one-size-fits-all method.

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The best programming and Scripting Languages for DevOps Engineers


  • GoLang


In terms of DevOps, GoLang is my top option.

GoLang is the newest child on the block - coming out of Google's open-source kitchen - and has been making waves in the DevOps world to the forefront since its introduction back in 2009. The syntax is influenced by other popular languages like Python or C++, making it relatively easy for novice programmers to grasp.

Additionally, Golang was developed for speed and focused on a network-efficient, lean runtime, which is excellent news for DevOps.

It could be fascinating to learn that DevOps tools such as Docker (for containerization of applications), Juju (for orchestration), Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) as well as Kubernetes (Container orchestration) are developed using Golang.


  • Python


Python is now the most used programming language used in DevOps. It is easy to master for newbies and includes an enormous array of modules that can be used to accomplish different tasks within DevOps.

It is widely regarded as an all-purpose programming language; Python is recognized by GitHub as the second-highest-rated programming language and the fastest-growing primary programming language, according to Stack Overflow.

Python is a fantastic programming language due to its readability, comprehension, and straightforward syntax. Additionally, it's an interpreted language, making it incredibly fast to run compared to compiled languages, such as Java.


  • Bash


Bash scripts (Linux Shell scripting) are utilized to complete various DevOps tasks, like automated installation and management of configuration. For instance, DevOps engineers use Bash to develop deployment scripts that take care of the heavy lifting in app releases.

Although we have a variety of open-source tools for configuration and deployments, many companies use bash scripts for their automation tasks.


  • Powershell


If you're a DevOps engineer working on Windows servers, Powershell is your go-to scripting language.

Powershell is an automation tool and scripting system and a framework for configuration management developed by Microsoft, which is built on the .NET Framework. It is a command-line shell and scripting environment to manage Windows systems.

Powershell scripts can be utilized to automate everyday tasks such as administration of systems, app deployment, and infrastructure management. Additionally, it offers advanced features to manipulate data and analyze it.


  • Groovy


Excellent choice for writing Jenkins Pipelines

Groovy is built on Java and Java, making it easy to master for those proficient in programming. It is typically used to automate software development tasks, such as creating documents, combing code, or running tests.

However, when it is to DevOps, the Groovy scripting language is extensively employed in Jenkins. With a solid understanding of Groovy programming, you can effortlessly create Jenkins pipelines in code and Jenkins shared libraries.


  • JavaScript


It's safe to say that the entire world of the web runs on JavaScript and HTML. A majority of the most popular software and library frameworks were written using JavaScript, ranging from Angular to React and Node.

Implementations for server-side aren't the only aspect this language has to provide: the large developer community means that help is always available through GitHub and Stack Overflow.

JavaScript is a reliable choice for developers. But, JavaScript can be a little more complex in DevOps; however, that does not mean that they can't cooperate. IaaC tools such as Pulumi can support Javascript and Typescript to build infrastructure as code.