A Must-Watch List for Black Hat 2022 in Cyber Security

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Black"black" security is a term used to describe criminals with grave motives who gain unauthorised access to computers and networks.

Tests for Stress Democracy: Election Integrity During the Global Pandemic (Matt Blaze)

Why should you watch it? "Black Hat" keynotes are significant events (they typically are an ample space). The Voting Village generally takes place during DEFCON and almost always gets attention. The Voting Village is co-managed through Matt Blaze; this year, Matt Blaze will be on the central platform at Black Hat. This event is significant for a sneak peeks of what is likely to be the outcome of the elections for president."

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Description of the talk: Technologists have been warning for years that a lot of the infrastructure and technology that we rely on to vote is vulnerable to exploitable weaknesses which could be exploited to challenge the legitimacy of elections. These issues are complicated in normal conditions, but the threat of a global pandemic brings an additional element to the mix to ensure the health of people who vote and the election personnel. How can we safely and effectively scale up safer, widely accessible voting methods through November? This presentation will address the technological, logistical, and political issues of running our elections in times of emergency.

Election Security Protecting the Future of America (Christopher Krebs)

Why do we watch? "After listening to Matt Blaze in the previous session, you've been given some predictions for the election from the director of Voting Village. Then, listen to what the top government officials Chris Krebs (first director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) has to discuss about the issue."

Description of the talk: This talk describes how the United States Government is intensely focused on election security and is working with partners in the election better than ever. In the department of homeland security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the leading federal effort to assist local and state officials in their crucial mission of protecting elections in 2022. We share information resources, support, and cybersecurity solutions to protect election infrastructure from malicious attacks.

Since the beginning of 2017, federal and state, local, and private sector counterparts have been constructing our defenses and getting ready for the elections of 2022. We are aware that this election could be a target for the adversaries are on the loose, but we're well-trained and well-rested, and prepared.

As we prepared for the threats, we were aware that the country was facing another menace in the form of an epidemic. This has forced officials to take swift operational decisions about how to conduct elections following COVID-19. We've had to rapidly adjust and provide assistance and resources as officials seek secure, safe, and healthy methods for ensuring that the elections will continue to be held.

We visited Iowa, and What We Found were these criminal Arrest Records.

Why do we watch? "The media extensively covered this event in the past year. This year, you can learn the Pen Testers' version of the incident."

Description of the talk: A deep discussion and analysis of the red team's engagement at Iowa courthouses led to an extraordinary result. Gary, along with Justin, will walk you through the incident, including the arrest and the subsequent legal battle. Then, they will conclude with the lessons learned and ways the community can benefit from the experience.

Securing the Public Opinion (Renee DiResta)

What's the reason to watch? "Renee DiResta's keynote is the second Black Hat keynote this year, and I highly recommend you check it out. The talk is another one that focuses on the disinformation campaign of the nation-state actors and how they play to manipulate our thinking. At the same time, they try to divide our country and undermine the democratic system."

Talk description online disinformation has reached high levels: scammers advertising false cures for COVID-19 nations spinning conspiracy theories about pandemics and domestic ideologues who coordinate to release manipulative videos about presidents. In the name of security, malicious actors exploit the divisions within our society by using weaknesses in our information-based ecosystem. The flood of messages is affecting people and influencing communities. And social networks struggle to keep up.

Information operations aren't new. They operate within the limitations of the information ecosystem available to actors and are constantly evolving with technological advances and the media's infrastructure. The infrastructure in this instance formulates the rules, that is, the features and algorithms of social networks. The most skilled players -- nations utilize social networks and network intrusion to control, divert, and control large groups of individuals.

This talk provides an outline of the fundamentals behind modern-day information operations. By taking a deep dive into the strategies behind some of the most significant recent actions, The speaker will explain how hacking into cyberspace is similar to and distinct from the kinds of intrusions that the public is used to. The presentation will end by focusing on the 2022 elections and inviting the audience to use their talents to defend the cause of democratic principles.